Adriana Picoral


Adriana Picoral

Adriana Picoral

I’m an assistant professor of practice in the computer science department, and an affiliated faculty member in the interdisciplinary graduate program of Second Language Acquisition and Teaching at the University of Arizona.

I’m the founder of the Tucson chapter of R-Ladies.

Tidyverse Instructor Certification

I'm a certified Tidyverse Instructor.

Course Materials

CSC 444 Data Visualization
CSC 444 Fall 2022
This course will present the fundamentals of data visualization, the art and science of using a computer to generate visual depictions of data. The course will present the foundations of graphic design, perceptual psychology and cognitive science, as well as the algorithmic basis for many for the visualization techniques. While statistical techniques may determine correlations among the data, visualization helps us frame what questions to ask.
ESOC 214 Introduction to Data Science (School of Information, Universtiy of Arizona)
ESOC 214 Spring 2021
This course provides an introduction to the various skills and considerations required for data management and analysis in business, education, and science. Particular attention will be given to learning how to use the free and open-source computing environment R.
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Blog Posts

November 18, 2020
Quantitative Language Data Analysis in R: Regression and Contrasts
The first quantitative examinations of linguistic variation, and its constraints, date back to over 50 years ago in the field of variationist sociolinguistics. Most recently, scholars have made the shift to more modern statistical software environments, such as R, which requires a broader understanding of statistics and software programming since these new environments are not single-purpose software such as VARBRUL and GoldVarb. This blog posts demonstrates how linear and logistic regression can be run in R, and how to output results for logistic regression.


Minicurso at PREDICAR 2022
Analyzing intensifying constructions found in tweets in R: frequencies, collocations, and variation across groups
In this workshop we work with processed tweet data for the exploration of adjective intensification.
Hispanic & Lusophone Linguistics Working Group
Creating and formatting CVs on Overleaf (LaTeX)
In this workshop we select a CV LaTeX template and modify it on Overleaf. A brief overview of what LaTeX is and its syntax will be provided.
Crow Workshop Series
Corpus Data Scraping and Sentiment Analysis
In this workshop, we scrape Amazon for reviews using the rvest R package to build a corpus of product reviews. We then do some sentiment analysis from a critical perspective.
Corpus Searches in R
In this workshop, we work with a tagged corpus. We go over the steps of reading in a corpus (organized as multiple text files) in R, doing searches in the corpus using regular expressions, and producing concordance lines.
Quantitative Language Data Analysis and Visualization in R
In this workshop, we work with the Variable that data from Tagliamonte’s book “Variationist Sociolinguistics” (2012). We visualize means of that complementizer omission across speaker groups, and run both linear and logistic regression. Concepts such as correlation, interaction, and contrasts will be addressed.
NAU Corpus Club + CALISTO
Building a corpus of tweets with R
This workshop material was prepared for a workshop on corpus linguistics and Twitter mining for the NAU Corpus Club and COLISTO.
Building Interactive Interfaces for Textual Data Exploration
In this workshop, we work with the Shiny R package (Chang et al., 2020) to build a web-based interface (a.k.a. dashboard) with interactive filtering options and a regular expression search field to dynamically explore textual data. This was an invited workshop at the R-Ladies Athens meetup.
Twitter Data Mining in R
R-Ladies Tucson Workshop held on September 26, 2020. In this 2-hour workshop, we go over the steps to search tweets using the Twitter API, annotated them with Spacy, and doing some basic collocation analysis.
Organizando um projeto de análise de dados com RStudio
Esse material foi desenvolvido para o primeiro meetup (online) da R-Ladies de Ribeirão Preto (@RLadiesRP).
ResBaz Arizona Workshop
ResBaz Arizona 2020 Intro to R
This is a two part intro to R workshop. Part I introduces the basics of coding in R, including how to manipulate objects, use functions, and write if statements, for loops, and simple functions. Part II is based on the tidyverse package, and it covers how to load, inspect, and explore data in R. While learners at different expertise levels are welcome to attend, these workshops were designed for participants with no or little programming experience.
LAEL PUC-SP Workshop
LAEL Machine Learning Workshop
This workshop was part of the LAEL Research Bazaar, a celebration of the golden jubilee of the Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics and Language Studies (LAEL), at the Pontifical Catholic University of São Paulo (PUCSP), Brazil.


  • Staples, R., Picoral, A., Novikov, A., & Sommer-Farias, B. (2022). Expanding research methods: Using existing corpora in the study of writing. In R. Manchón & C. Polio (Eds.) Handbook of Second Language Acquisition and Writing. Routledge Handbooks in Second Language Acquisition and Teaching.