November 22 2022


  • Aggregating data
  • Pivoting data (melt)
  • Joining data
  • Dealing with dates

Case Study: Beer Awards

Aggregating and Pivoting Wider

Take a look at the beer awards data

If you want to visualize a map of the US with total number of awards, and have an interaction element where when the user hovers over each state they get the count of awards per medal type, what transformation would we have to perform on the data?

Joining data

In order to understand whether beer awards is related to how much beer is produced in each state, we got a new data set on Beer Production

What do we have to do to calculate number of awards per number of beer barrels produced?

Case Study: US Startup companies over time

Aggregating Data

Using the [US Startup companies over time data], we want to create a bar plot with counts of how many startup companies have been created by location – we want to display the top 10 locations with the most companies.

Case Study: Salaries

Aggregating Data

Based on the salary data from glassdoor, we want to create a plot that shows the average of the salary ranges by Job Title.

What data transformations should we perform?

Case Study: Google Mobility Data

The data